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I am delighted to present


I can tell myself that I am fine, but that doesn't change how I actually feel, and how I actually feel directly impacts how I perceive the world around me, which affects how I think and behave.

So why endure this darkness while trying to persuade myself and others that everything is OK?

By considering the knowledge, skills and possible supports highlighted in this book, you will see that you no longer need to avoid, suppress or endure any part of your true self.

All aspects of your natural self are valuable and by learning to realise your full potential, you can utilise all of the resources that are at your disposal, and become better able to face any challenge and life experience that comes your way.

Let Finding Happiness In The Dark help you emerge from the darkness,
so happiness has nowhere to hide!

Finding Happiness In The Dark

is available now!

Multi Award Winning


Firebird Book Award


Self Help / Motivational

Date: 19 / Jul / 2022


Award Seal - Global Ebook Award.jpg

Global Ebook Award


Psychology / Mental Health

Date: 15 / Aug / 2022


Award Seal - Literary Titan Book Award.png

Literary Titan Book Award


Personal Growth

Date: 8 / Jul / 2022


          Finding Happiness In The Dark is an approachable and useful handbook that offers sound advice and sturdy suggestions on how to make purposeful changes that can help us find happiness in all aspects of our lives.

Reviewed by - Amanda Murello - Indies Today

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Indies Today 5 star Recommended Badge.png
Finding Happiness In The Dark - A Helping Mind - 1_edited.jpg

      I would recommend this book to everyone who is either going through a dark phase or knows someone who is suffering because of it

Reviewed by - Heena R. Pardeshi - The Reading Bud

            The book is well written and edited. The author has poured his knowledge into the pages in a non-judgmental way. His advice is easy to understand, and while it may take time to change your mindset, there are helpful steps to take.


I would recommend this book to anyone, as I’m sure most people could benefit from it.

Reviewed by - Amanda Steel - Reedsy Discovery

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Reedsy Discovery.jpg
Must Read.PNG
Finding Happiness In The Dark - A Helping Mind - 15_edited.jpg

    It was rewarding to have the opportunity to get to know myself a little better

Finding Happiness In The Dark was a thought-provoking read.

Reviewed by - Judy & Marianne - Long and Short Reviews

            This is an inspiring book and the author’s writing makes the text feel like you are speaking to a sympathetic life coach. I appreciated how concise this book is, wasting no time to dive deep into topics, but what I really appreciated about this book was how easy it is to understand.

This book can be a powerful tool for readers who struggle with with negative thoughts, and struggle with finding happiness

Reviewed by - Literary Titan


Finding Happiness In The Dark

is available now!

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