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Welcome to 
A Helping Community

When considering online communities, the general theme is to bring together like-minded individuals with an interest in a specific topic. These communities help to provide unity, awareness, acceptance, support, collaboration, change, and growth.

As a result, specific communities function independently on separate platforms. Therapists talk about therapy, educators talk about education, and the community figures out mental health with their peers.

A Helping Community is a platform that recognises that therapists, educators, organisations, and support groups in relation to mental health have a voice, not just a service or a product.

This platform provides a space where the public can reach out and discuss their mental health challenges, concerns, and queries with trained professionals and specialized supports and services instead of relying on peer support alone.

Overall, the entire community has a dedicated space to connect and share resources, expertise, and knowledge to unify and develop mental health support.

Comprehensive Mental Health Resources

We collaborate with other organisations to provide access to a wide range of mental health resources, such as courses, articles, videos, and self-help tools, all curated by both external and in-house professionals. This ensures reliable information and inspires professionals to create tailored content that meets the specific mental health needs and experiences of our community.

Direct Access to a Directory of Professionals

Our user-friendly, filterable, and searchable directory provides direct access to the best-suited professionals. It includes detailed bios, contact information, qualifications, specialized fields, and links to their websites and social media pages, helping users make informed decisions about seeking professional help.

Support for Mental Health Professionals

Mental health professionals can promote their brand affordably, with professional profiles, networking opportunities, and the freedom to provide insights on articles and member queries. This helps them gain exposure and credibility without the high fees associated with other platforms, while also reducing the risks associated with unverified peer support for members.

Empowering Businesses & Educational Institutions

We facilitate connections between institutions and mental health professionals, enabling access to accredited courses, workshops, and expert advice. This empowers organisations and educational  institutions to understand and address the mental health needs of their staff, students, and communities, fostering a supportive and informed environment.

Key Features

Leverage Our Platform to Grow Your Business

​Unlimited Course Listings

  • Showcase Your Entire Range: Freely upload all your mental health courses to our platform. There are no limits, so you can showcase your entire range of offerings.​

  • Fill Classes: Announce and promote new and upcoming courses and workshops, ensuring maximum visibility, helping you fill your classes quickly.

Therapist Collaboration 

  • Professional Development: Offer workshops and courses tailored to therapists seeking to expand their skills and knowledge, and highlight the practical and theoretical benefits your courses provide.

  • Comprehensive Support: Offer students and staff a more holistic approach to mental health by integrating therapeutic perspectives into educational programs.

Enhanced Engagement and Support

  • Dedicated User Profile: Create a dedicated college user profile to engage with the community. Actively participate in community chat rooms, posts and discussion groups on our platform.

  • Engage with Potential Students: Share insights, answer questions, and offer previews of your courses to engage directly with potential students.

Exceptional Networking Opportunities

  • Professional Profile: Utilize our platform to showcase your expertise and core values by engaging in interviews, Q&A sessions, articles and posts.

  • Build Connections: Network with leading mental health professionals to collaborate on innovative projects, share best practices, and learn from industry leaders.

Subscription Pricing

1 Week

Free Trial

Members can view

  • Therapists Directory,

  • Courses,

  • Events,






Members have full access to engage in:

  • Therapists Directory,

  • Courses,

  • Events,

+  Posts and

    Chat Rooms





Members have full access to engage in:

  • Therapists Directory,

  • Courses,

  • Events,

  • Posts, and

  • Chat Rooms

+ Earn 25% commission for every new member who joins using your unique referral link.


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Join Us in Making a Difference

A Helping Community is more than just a platform; it's a collaborative movement towards a more informed, supportive, and connected mental health ecosystem. As an educator, Your expertise and courses are both invaluable and a welcome addition to this project. We invite you to join us and be a key part of this impactful experience.

By adding your courses and knowledge to our platform, you will:

  • Empower Learners: Provide high-quality mental health education to an audience that is specifically interested in seeking the expertise, information, and training that you have to offer.

  • Expand Your Reach: Connect with a diverse network of individuals, professionals, and organizations who value and seek out your expertise.

  • Foster Growth: Contribute to the professional development of therapists, counselors, and mental health practitioners, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

  • Shape the Future: Play a pivotal role in shaping the mental health landscape by sharing your insights, experiences, and innovative approaches.

We believe that together, we can create a robust and dynamic mental health community that supports and educates. Your courses and expertise are essential to this vision, and we would be delighted to welcome you on board.

Join us today and make a lasting impact.

Ready to Get Started?

Pre-Launch Benefits

Discounted Membership

Be a part of our limited pre-launch community and get two years subscription for the price of one! Making it only €100 to advertise all your courses on the platform for two years.



 Earn 25% commission for every new member who joins using your unique referral link, creating an additional revenue stream.



Gain visibility to early platform members, showcasing your content, credibility, and authority, in the mental health field.

Let Us Do The Marketing

Take advantage of our investment in marketing and SEO to attract motivated individuals eager to learn from content you provide.

Secure your limited membership and lead the way in mental health education!

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